Find out more about pharmacy as a career and be better prepared for your future studies by taking courses from award-winning teachers at Australia’s first dedicated pharmacy education and world-class research precinct, the Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (PACE).

Featured courses

Introductory Pharmacy 1, PHRM1011

Learn about professional ethics, pharmacy information sources, the regulation and scheduling of medicines, healthcare systems and teams, principles of drug therapy, and contemporary issues in pharmacy practice globally. This course also provides intensive small-group training to support the development of patient-centred communication skills.

Quality Use of Medicines A, PHRM2011

Are you interested in clinical therapeutics? In this introductory course, you will source information on pharmacological treatments for a range of diseases, learn how to evaluate management options, and determine dosing regimens for individual patients. You will also practice dispensing medicines in purpose-built study spaces and patient counselling in one of our six simulated pharmacies.

Dosage Design A2, PHRM2022

In this course, you will study the application of physicochemical principles to the design and use of solid dosage forms. You will also learn what influences the stability of different types of pharmaceutical products. You’ll have the opportunity to put theory into practice by compounding and testing tablets in state-of-the-art teaching laboratories.

Drug Discovery A1, PHRM2040

Are you curious about where drugs come from? Do you like organic chemistry? In this introductory medicinal chemistry course you will learn about modern drug discovery by exploring how drugs used to treat disorders of the nervous system are designed and how their chemical structure affects their biological activity and side effect profile. This course suits students who prefer not to complete laboratory activities as part of their study abroad experience.

Drug Discovery A2, PHRM2041

Did you know there is a large international market for counterfeit medicines? The first half of this course introduces the principles and techniques of drug identification and analysis. It includes practical sessions where you will determine the amount of drug in pharmaceutical products and patient samples. In the second half of the course, you will learn advanced principles of medicinal chemistry by focusing on the discovery of drugs used to treat psychiatric and endocrine disorders.

Biological Fate of Drugs A, PHRM2050

Did you know that all medicines have the potential to be poisons? This subject introduces the fundamentals of toxicology. You will develop an understanding of the mechanisms by which some drugs undergo metabolism and the importance of these biotransformations and pharmacokinetics. This course suits students who prefer not to complete laboratory activities as part of their study abroad experience.

Dosage Form Design B1, PHRM3021

Want an advanced formulation experience? Do you like physical pharmacy? In this course you will become familiar with specialised drug delivery systems such as transdermal and transmucosal devices to improve the treatment of patients. You will gain hands on experience in compounding pharmaceutical products such as pastes and liniments in state-of-the-art teaching laboratories.

Pharmaceutical Discovery and Microbiology, PHRM3042

In this advanced course you will develop an understanding of design strategies and structure activity relationships of drugs used in the treatment of infections and cancer. You will also apply microbiology concepts to the principles and practice of pharmacy via laboratory activities.