"ABTS1000 Indigenous Australian Issues: Past, Present, Future is the course I am enjoying most. One of the main reasons I chose to study in Australia, and particularly at UQ, was because the university seemed to have well developed courses in indigenous studies. Since I am studying a Bachelor in Equality and Diversity Management I wanted to gain further knowledge about how Australian society is working with their different problems between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. What is especially good with ABTS1000 is that it does not need any prerequisites. It introduces the students to the complex history of Australia as well as the equally complex present Australia. It does this through both highly educated teachers as well as guest lecturers, who are either aboriginal or closely linked with the aboriginal society." Linda Karlsson (Sweden)

These courses examine Indigenous Australian worldviews and approaches to knowledge, music and dance, Aboriginal women, politics, Torres Strait Islander studies and issues in research with Indigenous people.

Featured courses

Indigenous Australian Issues: Past, Present, Future, ABTS1000

This course provides students with a unique experience of engaging in dialogues with Indigenous Australian people to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s experiences.

Torres Strait Islander Studies, ABTS1010

In this course, students have the opportunity to participate in Torres Strait Islander dance and song, prepare Islander food and meet Torres Strait Islander elders. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Approaches to Knowledge, ABTS2020

The philosophy and ethics of teaching and learning applied in this program aim to model Indigenous approaches to knowledge. This is achieved through a flexible, open and friendly environment with respect for individual diversity in approaching an understanding of issues. 

Anthropology of Aboriginal Australia, ANTH2010

This course explores relations among and between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in contemporary Australian society, with a focus on Aboriginal Australian society. We examine the topic through an anthropological lens, with some special
attention to the ways in which anthropologists have worked with Australian Aboriginal people in applied and academic research.