If you are a currently enrolled UQ student looking for overseas study experiences, please go to UQ Abroad.

The University of Queensland's (UQ) Incoming Exchange program offers you a great opportunity to experience new career and academic possibilities. 

The program is available to students currently studying at an overseas university which has an exchange agreement [PDF] with UQ. 

UQ currently has exchange agreements with over 200 universities throughout the world. 

As an Incoming Exchange student, you can study at UQ for one or two semesters and you will be enrolled as a non-award student.

You must submit your application and pay tuition fees to your home university. Tuition fees are based on your institution's fee requirements

Credit for courses successfully completed is normally transferable towards your home university degree.

Contact the International Exchange Office at your university for more information about studying at UQ on exchange.

Am I eligible? How to apply What does it cost?

Download the Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange Information sheet [PDF]

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