"Environmental Issues, Monitoring, & Assessment is a fantastic course that I would highly recommend to anyone studying at UQ. The environmental issues discussed during the course are incredibly interesting and affect everyone that lives on Earth. It becomes unmistakably clear how it is of the utmost importance to understand our interaction with the world around us and to approach living comfortably within the means of nature. Discussing the issues presented such as global warming, population, and sustainability, further ignited my curiosity and has continued to compel me to use my degree to contribute to the world at large." Adam Joel Luepke (United States of America)

These courses will give you the necessary skills, knowledge and industry experience to begin a rewarding profession, and the ability to respond to ongoing change in the industry.

Featured courses

Artificial Intelligence, COMP3702

This course investigates methods and techniques within the field of artificial intelligence, including problem solving and optimisation by search, representing and reasoning with uncertain knowledge and machine learning. 

Environmental Issues and Sustainability in Engineering. CIVL2135

This course is an introduction to environmental issues and their implications for engineers in practice.

Digital Prototyping, DECO2300

This course introduces students to a range of digital prototyping techniques for generating proof-of-concept solutions for design computing projects

Engineering Acoustics, MECH3250

This course addresses many different aspects of sound, including sound generation, transmission, detection, measurement, and effects produced by its passage.

Impact and Risk in the Process Industries, CHEE4002

This course focuses on incorporating the broader issues of sustainability and environmental impact in the design of processes and infrastructure using techniques such as environmental costing, quantitative technical, human and ecological risk assessment and social impact analysis.

Introduction to Mining, MINE2105

This course is an introduction to Australian mining history, mining methods and mining equipment, mine ventilation, explosives and blasting. 

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