"The course that I am enjoying most is ECON2500: China: Emergence, Implications & Challenges. As an economics student I am greatly intrigued by what is going on in China, as a major player in the global economy. It is really pleasing that UQ offers such a course, because I would never have expected that coming to Australia would have opened up that possibility. It has been well worth it." Glenn Phair (Northern Ireland)

UQ qualifications in business, economics, tourism and law are recognised internationally and open opportunities for you to work anywhere in the world.

Featured courses

Australian Economic Institutions, ECON1110

This course focuses on the contemporary Australian economy, and its economic institutions and their evolution in the recent past.

Behavioural and Evolutionary Economics, ECON2060

This course gives a guided exploration of the new developments and insights in the field of behavioural economics, mainly motivated by the evolutionary changes in the major factors of production (labour, capital, technology and institutions).

Brand Management and Strategy, MKTG2508

This course is designed to develop knowledge, skills and perspectives to support the application of managing products and developing brand strategies in the marketing area.

China: Emergence, Implications & Challenges, ECON2500

After a long period of relative decline, China's economy is once again on the ascendency. China's economic emergence has far-reaching implications and presents immense challenges both within China and abroad. This course provides students with a thorough understanding of China's contemporary economy.

Event Marketing, EVNT2004

This course provides insights into the principles of event marketing and their application in real-world settings.

Organisational Design and Change Management, MGTS3601

This course covers the diverse nature of organisation theory, and its use in analysing and designing effective organisations.

Responsible Tourism and Ethics, TOUR3006

This cutting-edge course takes a contemporary approach to the study of tourism development, demand and management.

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