To study at UQ for one or two semesters as part of your home institution's degree, you must be:

  • currently enrolled in an accredited institution outside Australia, or
  • currently enrolled in an overseas institution which has a student exchange agreement with UQ. 

If your home institution is not a UQ partner, or is a Study Abroad partner only, you are considered a Study Abroad student. 

If your home institution has a student exchange agreement with UQ, you can apply to UQ as an exchange student. You will need to be nominated by your home institution.

What is the difference? 

If you are an Incoming Exchange student, you must pay tuition fees to your home institution based on their fee requirements. A UQ student will attend your home institution in your place.

If you are a Study Abroad student, you must pay a flat tuition fee per semester to UQ. 

See tuition fees for more information. 

Although the application process varies depending on whether you are an Exchange or Study Abroad student, the student experience is the same!

Exchange students as well as Study Abroad students are able to study for one or two semesters at UQ as part of their home institution's degree. 

Do I need to meet any admission requirements?

Yes, you need to meet a set of admission requirements to apply for the Study Abroad or Student Exchange programs.  

How do I know if my university is a UQ partner or has a Student Exchange agreement with UQ? 

UQ currently has agreements with 175 universities in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. 

Contact the International Exchange Office at your home institution for more information about studying at UQ on a student exchange.

Will I get credit for the courses I take in Australia? 

Credit for courses you successfully complete at UQ is normally transferable towards your degree from your home institution.

Please note that as a Study Abroad or Exchange student, you will not be awarded a degree at the end of your studies at UQ.  

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