You will receive a complimentary copy of your academic transcript. This may take 4-6 weeks after the end of exams to arrive.

Incoming Exchange students

If you are on a Student Exchange Program, the complimentary copy of your academic transcript will be sent to the Student Exchange Office at your home university.

Study Abroad students 

If you applied to UQ through the Study Abroad office at your home university, the complimentary copy of your academic transcript will be sent to the Study Abroad Office at your university.

If you are a Study Abroad student through a provider or agent (such as International Studies Abroad, IFSA-Butler, Arcadia, The Education Abroad Network, The Study Abroad Foundation, IES, Institut Ranke-Heinemann or Gostralia!), the complimentary copy of your academic transcript will be sent directly to your provider or placement agency.

If you applied directly to the UQ Study Abroad Program, the complimentary copy of your academic transcript will be sent to the address you have listed on your application form. If you did not list an address for your academic transcript, it will be sent to your mailing address as shown in mySI-net.

It is important for you to leave a correct forwarding address to ensure that the official transcript gets to you after you have returned home. Before leaving Brisbane, be sure to change your mailing address on mySI-net.

If you would like a copy of your academic transcript earlier, or if you need additional copies, please access the online order system for ordering and payment options. Online Academic transcripts are processed within three working days. Information about transcript fees can be found on my.UQ.  

Fast-turnaround Academic Transcripts

These are available over the counter at the St Lucia and Gatton Student Centres and may be ordered and collected in person within 15 minutes. For information about fast-turnaround transcript fees please refer to my.UQ

Fast-turnaround transcripts will be issued with the information on courses and results listed on your mySI-net Studies Report at the time of application.

The current semester’s results will only be included in the Academic Transcript after they are officially released around the middle of July for Semester 1 and early December for Semester 2.

You are advised to wait until your final grades have been posted before ordering an Academic Transcript via the Fast-Turnaround method.

UQ grading system

The Academic Record includes an explanation of the grading system used at UQ. UQ does not provide any advice on how to translate UQ grades into other grading systems.

Keep course descriptions

It is recommended that, before you go home, you print the relevant course descriptions from the course catalogue on mySI-net.

Keep these with your Academic Transcript as they may be helpful for job applications or for future credit transfer if you wish to do further studies in other universities anywhere in the world.


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