You will receive complimentary access to your digital transcript, which you will be able to share with your home university and any other organisations who need a copy of your transcript.

My eQuals

Transcripts will be available through the My eQuals platform, which will provide secure access to your certified official transcript.  After grades are released, you will receive an e-mail to your UQ student account which will allow you to log in with your UQ Single Sign on details and then set up your own details in My eQuals with a personal e-mail if you wish.  You will be responsible for sharing your transcript with your home university, which you can do by sending the either a secure link or a PDF document.  You can find some helpful FAQs here, and information about receiving documents (which you might want to share with your home university) here.

UQ grading system

The Academic Record includes an explanation of the grading system used at UQ. UQ does not provide any advice on how to translate UQ grades into other grading systems.

Keep course descriptions

It is recommended that, before you go home, you print the relevant course descriptions from the course catalogue on mySI-net.

Keep these with your Academic Transcript as they may be helpful for job applications or for future credit transfer if you wish to do further studies in other universities anywhere in the world.


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