Which courses and how many can I study in the Summer Semester?

View a list of courses available for Summer Semester 2016/2017.

To search for specific Summer Semester courses using keywords:

  1. Visit the Courses and Programs site, choose "Courses" from the dropdown menu on the righthand side and search for courses using keywords or topics of interest
  2. To limit your search results to Summer Semester offerings, under 'Course options' click on the 'Course Semester' menu and then choose Summer Semester 2016.

A course search may be made through mySI-net using the Course and Timetable menu.  The course information summary that will be displayed will include information on the course coordinator, assessment and contact hours.

How many courses can I study in summer semester?

As stated in the General Award Rules, section 1.11, you may enrol in no more than 6 units in Summer Semester. You will find a link to the General Award Rules on the University Rules page. If you want to enrol in more than 6 units in summer semester, you will need the approval of the Associate Dean (Academic).

Important: While anyone is eligible to enrol in the Summer Semester, some courses are available to UQ award students only. Prospective students should carefully read the course details to determine if they meet prerequisite requirements for specific courses.