Part A

#2 for -

Course Code Units Course Title
VETS6001 2 Epidemiological and Research Methods for Animal and Veterinary Biosciences

And #6 from -

Course Code Units Course Title
AGRC7052 2 Animal and Plant Biosecurity
ANIM7010 2 Advanced Animal Breeding & Genetics
ANIM7043 2 Australian Marsupials and Monotremes
BIOC6006 2 Directed Studies in Molecular Genetics
BIOC6017 2 Introduction to the Molecular Biology Laboratory
MOLI7102 2 Clinical Molecular Imaging
VETS7605 4 Advanced Veterinary Topic III
VETS7608 2 Advanced Veterinary Topic I
VETS7609 2 Advanced Veterinary Topic II
VETS7611 4 Graduate Research Project I
VETS7704 4 Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Techniques
VETS7709 2 Diagnostic Pathology
VETS7711 2 Pathology of Diseases of Australian Wildlife