Master of Governance & Public Policy

Part A

#8 for -

Course Code Units Course Title
POLS7101 2 Dynamics of Governance
POLS7110 2 Law, Policy and Governance
POLS7111 2 Dynamics of Public Policy
POLS7406 2 Economic Analysis & Public Policy

Part B

Governance and Development

#8 from -

Course Code Units Course Title
ECON7560 2 Globalisation and Economic Development
PLAN7612 2 Development Planning in Developing Countries: Theory & Practice
PLAN7614 2 Urban Management & Governance in Developing Countries
POLS7107 2 Globalisation, International Political Economy and Development
POLS7302 2 Politics of Development
POLS7306 2 Crisis Governance and Development

Public Health

#8 from -

Course Code Units Course Title
PUBH7014 2 Health Financing
PUBH7021 2 Evaluation in Public Health
PUBH7026 2 Mental Health Policy & Services
PUBH7113 2 Health & Development
PUBH7614 2 Health Systems
PUBH7620 2 Social Perspectives in Population Health
PUBH7645 2 Global Health Policy

Public Management

#8 from -

Course Code Units Course Title
MGTS7308 2 Social Enterprises and Not for Profits
MGTS7603 2 Strategic Human Resource Management
MGTS7613 2 The New Public Management
MGTS7614 2 Public Organisations: Design and Values
MGTS7615 2 Public Sector Accountability
MGTS7616 2 Designing Public Policy
SOSC7123 2 Community Planning, Engagement and Governance

Resource Management

#8 from -

Course Code Units Course Title
ENVM7100 2 Foundations of Sustainable Development
ENVM7123 2 Regulatory Frameworks for Environmental Management & Planning
ENVM7124 2 International Regulatory Frameworks for Climate Change & Environmental Management
ENVM7202 2 Resource Management & Environmental Planning
ENVM7505 2 International & National Conservation Policy
ENVM7511 2 Natural Resource Management
ENVM7512 2 Environmental Problem Solving
ENVM7522 2 Contemporary Protected Area Management

Part C

Course Code Units Course Title
AGRC7038 2 Agricultural & Resource Policy
ECON7460 2 Health Economics
ECON7540 2 Economics of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
ENVM7513 2 Environment & Community
MGTS7617 2 Government and Business
MGTS7963 2 Evaluation of Programs & Projects
MGTS7973 2 Negotiation and Conflict Management in Resource Management
POLS7100 2 Overview of Australian Political Institutions
POLS7108 2 Independent Study (Master of Governance and Public Policy)
POLS7125 2 Internship (Master of Governance and Public Policy)
POLS7505 2 Peacebuilding
POLS7509 2 Gender in International Politics and Development
POLY7000 2 Understanding Social Policy
POLY7002 2 Doing Social Policy
PUBH7113 2 Health & Development

Part D

#2 for -

Course Code Units Course Title
POLS7701 2 Research Methods

and one from the following -

Course Code Units Course Title
POLS7120 6 Research Project (MGPP)
POLS7121 6 Research Project (MGPP) Part B
POLS7122 6 Research Project (MGPP) Part B