Economics and Public Policy

Students must complete at least 14 units from the following (of which six units must be at level 3):
Students must complete the following 4 units -

Course Code Units Course Title
ECON3440 2 Competition Policy and Regulation
ECON3450 2 Public Finance

and at least 10 units from the following -

Course Code Units Course Title
ECON2500 2 China: Emergence, Implications & Challenges
ECON2560 2 Economics of Globalisation and Development
ECON3010 2 Advanced Microeconomics
ECON3020 2 Advanced Macroeconomics
ECON3200 2 Monetary Economics
ECON3220 2 Benefit-Cost Analysis for Business
ECON3340 2 Productivity and Efficiency Analysis
ECON3350 2 Applied Econometrics for Macroeconomics and Finance
ECON3360 2 Applied Econometrics for Microeconomics
ECON3510 2 International Trade Theory & Policy
ECON3520 2 Economics of International Finance
POLS2101 2 Indigenous Politics & Policy
POLS2401 2 Politics & the Economy
POLS3102 2 Governance & Australian Public Policy