Chemical Engineering

Students must complete 32 units comprising:-

  1. 18 units from Part A (Compulsory Courses); and
  2. at most 6 units from Part B (Advanced BE (Hons) Electives); and
  3. at least 4 units from Part C (ME Electives); and
  4. at most 6 units from Part D (Non-engineering ME Electives).

Part A - Compulsory

Course Code Units Course Title
CHEE4001 4 Process Engineering Design Project
CHEE4002 2 Impact and Risk in the Process Industries
ENGG7901 2 Professional Engineering and the Business Environment: Global Practice
ENGG7902 2 Engineering Innovation and Leadership
[ ENGG7281 8 Engineering Project 8A [1]
[ or
[ ENGG7282 8 Engineering Project 8A [2]

Part B - Advanced BE (Hons) Electives

Course Code Units Course Title
CHEE4012 2 Industrial Wastewater & Solid Waste Management
CHEE4020 2 Biomolecular Engineering
CHEE4022 2 Principles of Adsorption
CHEE4034 2 Cell & Tissue Engineering
CHEE4301 2 Nanomaterials & Their Characterisation
CHEE4302 2 Electrochemistry & Corrosion
CHEE4305 2 Biomaterials: Materials in Medicine
ENGY4000 2 Energy Systems
MECH4304 2 Net Shape Manufacturing
MINE4203 2 Flotation
MINE4204 2 Aqueous Solution Processing & Electrometallurgy

Part C - ME Electives

Course Code Units Course Title
CHEE7111 2 Advanced Process and System Modelling
CHEE7112 2 Integrated Safety Design and Management
CHEE7113 2 Whole of Process Optimisation and Control
CHEE7501 2 Advanced Water Technology and Management
CHEE7502 2 Sustainable Bioresource Engineering
ENGG7302 2 Advanced Computational Techniques in Engineering
ENGG7600 2 Advanced Engineering Practice
ENGG7601 2 Experimental Design
ENGG7602 2 Advanced Engineering Laboratory Techniques
MATE7001 2 Environmental Performance of Materials
MATE7013 2 Advanced Manufacturing

Part D - Non-Engineering ME Electives

Course Code Units Course Title
ECON7540 2 Economics of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
EIBS7300 2 Creativity for Innovation and Design thinking
EIBS7301 2 Idea Management
EIBS7302 2 Evidence Based Innovation: From Business Model To Business Plan
EIBS7303 2 Building Innovation Capability
EIBS7304 2 Entrepreneurial Leadership
EIBS7305 4 Commercialisation in Practice Project
EIBS7307 4 Lean Start-Up
IBUS7302 2 Operating International Business
IBUS7306 2 Globalisation & the World Economy
IBUS7312 2 Doing Business in Asia
IBUS7314 2 Management Consulting in Asian Business
IBUS7316 2 International Supply Chains
IBUS7322 2 International Service Operations Management
MKTG7501 2 Fundamentals of Marketing
MKTG7502 2 Strategic Branding
MKTG7510 2 Market & Consumer Research
MKTG7512 2 Strategic Marketing Management
MKTG7513 2 Marketing for Social Change
MKTG7708 2 Strategic Marketing
MGTS7303 2 Principles of Strategic Management
MGTS7308 2 Social Enterprises and Not for Profits
MGTS7309 2 Decision Making & Reporting for Sustainability
MGTS7310 2 Business Negotiation
MGTS7329 2 Cross Cultural Management
MGTS7604 2 International Human Resource Management
MGTS7605 2 Performance Leadership
MGTS7607 2 Ethical Issues in Management
MGTS7611 2 Employee and Organisational Development
MGTS7612 2 The Fundamentals of Designing and Staffing Organisations
MGTS7615 2 Public Sector Accountability
MGTS7616 2 Designing Public Policy
MGTS7619 2 Leadership: Theory & Practice
ORGC7610 2 Communication and Organisation
TIMS7301 2 Principles of Entrepreneurship
TIMS7317 2 Corporate Sustainability
TIMS7323 2 Bio-Entrepreneurship and Innovation
TIMS7326 2 Management of Intellectual Property
TIMS7328 2 Strategies for Business Sustainability and Innovation
TIMS7329 2 Social Entrepreneurship in Practice
TIMS7331 2 Entrepreneurship Incubator
TIMS7811 2 Innovation Leadership

End notes

  • [1] Code for student in year courses commencing in sem 1. Students must re-enrol in the same code in sem 2.
  • [2] Code for student in year courses commencing in sem 2. Students must re-enrol in the same code in sem 1 the following year.