Who is Eligible?
The University of Queensland’s Bonus Rank Scheme offers students completing Year 12 in the year of tertiary application, a chance to improve their competitiveness for entry to their preferred program if they have completed specified studies during senior.

This scheme is open to:

  • all domestic students currently completing an internal Year 12 program in Australia (including International Baccalaureate students)
  • international currently completing Year 12 in Australia; and
  • Australian citizens currently completing an approved senior program overseas which is assessed as equivalent to Queensland Year 121.


How it Works**
Year 12 students applying through QTAC may receive up to five bonus points2 towards their entry rank on the following basis:

  • 2 points for passing an approved language other than English (LOTE). 
  • 2 points for passing the Queensland Studies Authority Mathematics C (or equivalent as determined by UQ).
  • 1 point for successfully completing a university level enrichment course at university concurrently with the senior program (for example, the UQ Enhanced Studies Program).


The maximum bonus under this scheme for any one student is 5 points. The maximum LOTE bonus per student is 2 points and the maximum enrichment bonus is 1 point, irrespective of how many subjects have been studied.
Please note: the maximum number of bonus points a student can receive under any entry scheme (including the UQ Link Program) is capped at five.

1 Please contact Admissions for advice on approved year 12 programs
2 Queensland school leavers should note that bonus points are not OPs, rather they are entry ranks. A Queensland student’s OP is converted to the QTAC 1-99 University entry rank scale to which the bonus points are applied. The student is then considered for admission to UQ on the basis of the new rank. The OP-to-rank conversion is subject to change each year, depending on the achievement patterns of the Year 12 cohort. QTAC determines points of comparison between OPs and entry ranks each year so that equitable selection on the basis of merit for all applicants can occur. For further details, please click here.

**Important note:
The Bonus Rank Scheme does not apply to applications for scholarships. Therefore, students who apply for a scholarship will have their academic competitiveness considered based upon the actual OP or rank they obtained before the application of any bonus.

How to Apply
There is no extra application process. Students apply to study at UQ via normal QTAC processes, and any bonus points will be automatically applied to UQ preferences. However, students seeking a bonus for University enrichment studies must provide details of any tertiary study (university level) and submit transcripts to QTAC, as required.

Additionally, Australian citizens completing Year 12 overseas may need to provide details of the curriculum for their LOTE and/or Maths subjects for UQ to determine comparability to the relevant Queensland Studies Authority subjects.

Further information