Students enrolling in a dual program study for two degrees at the same time. Generally once they fulfil the requirements of the two programs, they graduate with both.

By enrolling in a dual program, a student completes two degrees in a much shorter time than it would take if they completed one degree and then studied for the second degree.

A dual program gives students the flexibility to study several areas of interest at once and to broaden career possibilities beyond graduation. Graduates with two degrees have a competitive edge in the workplace because of the additional knowledge and skills they have acquired.

Students wishing to undertake a dual program should be aware of the additional steps when applying and enrolling. Information is available from faculty offices.

Some examples of dual programs include:

  • Arts / Laws (Honours)
  • Commerce / Laws (Honours)
  • Engineering (Honours) / Economics
  • Music / Education (Secondary)
  • Science / Arts
  • Science  / Laws (Honours)

Please note: The Bachelor of Education (Secondary)  is only available as part of a dual program.

Use the dual degree program options list on the Courses and Programs website to find a dual degree program which interests you.

Each dual degre program page contains a link to a corresponding Dual degree program planner to assist you in choosing courses for that dual degree.

Application procedures

For domestic students undertaking dual degree programs.

For international students undertaking dual degree programs.

For international students currently studying Year 12 in Australia undertaking dual degree programs.