This pathway is only available each year for students in their final year of secondary school. Applicants not in their final year of secondary school are not eligible for this pathway. Applicants not in their final year of secondary school are not eligible for this pathway and should consider the Direct Entry for Graduates pathway instead.

Each year The University of Queensland (UQ) offers approximately 160 Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) in the MD (Provisional Entry for School Leavers) pathway. There is a requirement for 25% of these places to be assigned as Bonded Medical Places. There is also a separate 25% quota for rural background applicants which is drawn from both the bonded and non-bonded cohorts. These two quotas are part of an agreement between the Commonwealth government and UQ which is intended to enhance access to professional medical services in rural and remote areas.

The provisional entry pathway requires students to graduate from a Bachelor level degree at UQ before entering the medical program itself. Students are required to complete this “first degree” within the minimum time specified for completion as a full-time student (for example, complete a 3 year degree in 3 years). If provisional entry students achieve the required grade point average (GPA 5.0) over the duration of their first degree, they are guaranteed a place in the medical program.

English is the only subject prerequisite that must be completed to be eligible to apply for a place in the medical pathway. However, successful applicants must meet all admission requirements of their preferred first degree. Please refer to the UQ Courses and Programs page for the prerequisite subjects of your preferred first degree.

The School of Medicine's recommended list of first degrees

Entry Requirements

  1. OP 1 / Equivalent rank of 99
    Students must be in their final year of secondary school at the time of application
  2. Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test (UMAT)
    Please note the requirement for a minimum scaled score of 50 in each of the 3 sections has been removed from the 2013 intake onwards.

Once QTAC has assessed all applications for The University of Queensland, applicants are ranked by their UMAT aggregate score. The required UMAT score depends on the number of applicants for each intake and cannot be determined before each intake’s offers are released by QTAC.

The following table reports the actual variation in UMAT requirements for the last 4 intakes. The UMAT Section 1 score is used as a tie breaker for applicants who have the same UMAT score. For example: if a particular year’s intake required an overall UMAT score of 188 with a section 1 score of 76 as the tie breaker, it will be represented by a figure of 188:76.

  2012 2013 2014 2015
Non-Bonded 180:66 188:76 180:66 179:69
Bonded (25% quota) N/A 174:52 169:70 175:56

Note: The lowest UMAT score cut-offs are normally from the first offer round of each intake. The cut-offs for the additional offer rounds increase substantially due to reduced numbers of available places.

The Bonded quota was only introduced to the Provisional Entry cohort in 2013. Applicants who are from a rural background who are likely to achieve an equivalent rank of 99 are encouraged to apply regardless of their overall UMAT score.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) using one or both of the following QTAC codes. By choosing either of these codes, you are indicating that you wish to be considered for the MD’s Provisional Entry pathway and that you agree to undertake one of UQ's undergraduate programs as a first degree.

  • QTAC Code 721302 (MD Provisional Entry for School Leavers): This code is for a non-bonded place.
  • QTAC Code 721402 (MD Provisional Entry for School Leavers - Bonded Medical Place): This code is for a Bonded Medical Place (BMP). Please only list this code as a preference if you are willing to work in a rural area for a period of four years following completion of your professional training as a medical doctor. 

If you are successful in receiving an offer for a provisional entry place, you will be required to submit your first degree selection directly to UQ Admissions. More information on this process will be given to you by UQ Admissions if your application for the provisional entry pathway is successful.

UQ does not interview applicants for the medical program.