To gain entry to an undergraduate program at UQ applicants must satisfy two requirements:

  • Eligibility (subject prerequisite and other requirements); and  
  • Merit (OP or entry rank)


Prerequisites are minimum entry requirements and are in place for programs requiring a level of knowledge or demonstrated ability. The prerequisites required for entry can vary and generally take the following form:

  • Subject prerequisites: These are expressed as achievement in specific Queensland Year 12 "Authority" subjects. Click here for a full list of interstate, International Baccalaureate and New Zealand subject equivalents. Other qualifications may be acceptable, please contact UQ Admissions for further information.
  • Other prerequisite requirements: These may include completion of an acceptable undergraduate degree (for Graduate Entry programs), audition (for entry to music programs) or completion of specific admission tests(eg UMAT for entry to dental science).  

For details of program prerequisites please use the program search facility on the Courses and Programs website.

Domestic applicants from a non-English speaking background must also demonstrate their English language proficiency for tertiary admission.


Entry to undergraduate programs at UQ is competitive. UQ allocates places to eligible applicants in order of merit. Academic merit is measured in the following two ways:

  • Overall position (OP) for current Queensland Year 12 students. Eligible Queensland school leavers receive a Tertiary Entrance Statement which is made up of the student’s OP and Field Positions. OPs range on a scale from 1 (highest) to 25. In the case where making offers to all students in an OP band exceeds the number of places available, field positions are used to distinguish applicants.
  • Entry rank for all other applicants, including OP-ineligible Queensland students and those undertaking interstate or overseas secondary programs. Entry ranks are expressed in a scale extending from 99 (maximum) to 1.

QTAC determines points of comparison between OPs and entry ranks each year so that equitable selection on the basis of merit for all applicants can occur. For further details, please refer to the QTAC website.

Click here for a full list of interstate, International Baccalaureate and New Zealand entry score equivalents.

The minimum OP or entry rank required to qualify for a tertiary offer varies from year to year and cannot be determined until all applications have been processed and places allocated.

The previous year's cut-off points may be used as a guide.
If an applicant lacks a sufficient OP/entry rank, or is missing prerequisites, there are alternative pathways to consider.