UQ offers non-award (short-term) study options for those not currently enrolled in a university program, such as students filling the “gap year” between high school and university, or professionals wanting to enhance their educational qualifications. Short term study is not usually approved for graduates unless it is part of a professional development strategy approved by the faculty. Under the short-term study scheme students do not receive a degree from UQ. However, if they are subsequently admitted to an award program, they may apply for credit towards that award program.

Broad study areas available include arts (humanities), social sciences, and business. Short-term study in science-based disciplines is approved in exceptional circumstances only and requests will be considered on a case by case basis by the relevant faculty.

Depending upon the reason for undertaking the study, students may be permitted to study up to a maximum of four courses (ie 8 units) per semester with a limit of 8 courses (ie 16 units) in total being undertaken as short-term study.

Students who undertake short term study will have their course enrolment and result recorded and will be eligible to request an official academic transcript after the completion of their study. The final choice of courses is subject to approval by relevant faculties.

Detailed course information and entry requirements are available on the UQ Courses & Programs page and you can apply online here. PDF application forms are available here. Students are required to satisfy course pre-requisites including English language requirements.

I am a domestic applicant and wish to apply for non-award (short-term) study

I am an international student and wish to apply for non-award (short-term) study