Course level





One Semester

Class contact

2 Lecture hours, 2 Practical or Laboratory hours



Recommended prerequisite

Course coordinator

A/Professor Derek Arnold

Assessment methods

Project report, participation, mid-semester exam and final exam

Study Abroad

This course is pre-approved for Study Abroad and Exchange students.

This course is not currently offered, please contact the school.

Course description

The sensation of seeing, hearing, touching or smelling is a product of activity in your brain. Scientists who wanted to work out how this activity could generate conscious perceptual experiences established experimental Psychology as a discipline. In this course we will appraise contemporary evidence concerning these links. Students will be taught how to critically appraise empirical evidence, establish research hypotheses, and how to test those hypotheses.

Archived offerings

Course offerings Location Mode Course Profile
Semester 1, 2015 St Lucia Internal Course Profile
Semester 2, 2014 St Lucia Internal Course Profile
Semester 1, 2013 St Lucia Internal Course Profile
Semester 1, 2012 St Lucia Internal Course Profile