Course level

Postgraduate Coursework




One Semester

Class contact

2 Lecture hours, 3 Practical or Laboratory hours


CSSE3010 + (ELEC3004 or METR3200) + ELEC3400

Recommended prerequisite

Assessment methods

Final examination, Assignment, Project

Course coordinator

Dr Adam Postula (

Study Abroad

This course is pre-approved for Study Abroad and Exchange students.

This course is not currently offered, please contact the school or faculty of your program.

Course description

(Offered on an occasional basis.) This course explores technology of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/ Systems from the perspective of system and computer engineering. Issues in the mechanical design and dynamics of the vehicles are covered as a background needed for design of electronics and software for control, navigation and various applications. Design methods of avionics systems specific to small UAVs with civilian applications will be covered in a series of lectures and literature research assignments will complement the theoretical component of this course. The practical part will illustrate use of advanced methodologies (e.g. simulation with hardware in the loop) for developing avionics systems and the project will provide opportunity to check the developed design of avionics system on the flying vehicle.