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Agriculture Food Sciences Schl




One Semester

Class contact

2 Lecture hours, 1 Practical or Laboratory hour



Assessment methods

Quizzes, individual project and end of semester examination

Course coordinator

Dr Francois Visser

Current course offerings

Course offerings Location Mode Course Profile
Semester 1, 2017 Gatton Internal Course Profile

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Course description

Agropreneurship is an exciting new area where the focus is to apply entrepreneurial flair and acumen to the agri space to identify and develop new commercial opportunities. This course is further unique in that students get the hands-on opportunity to actually develop and manage a business on the campus. Their enterprise shreds all the waste cardboard boxes on the campus in a dedicated factory, and then sells the fluffy material as valuable bedding material to the Equine Unit of the Veterinary Hospital on the campus. Teams of students work on different aspects of the business as their main assignment that makes up 50% of their course mark. Regarding the teaching, the first foundation lectures introduce students to the bigger picture of business and management, whereas the following application lectures engage students with the whole concept of entrepreneurship in the broader agri space. The course aims to give students as much exposure to industry as possible, with a focus on case studies, group work and class presentations to enhance their employability.

Archived offerings

Course offerings Location Mode Course Profile
Semester 1, 2018 Gatton Internal Profile unavailable
Semester 1, 2016 Gatton Internal Course Profile
Semester 1, 2015 Gatton Internal Course Profile