Brisbane rates well on cost of living indexes for Australian cities

The cost of living will vary according to an individual student’s lifestyle and requirements. As a guide, a student living in shared accommodation off-campus would pay approximately:

  • AUD$23,030 per calendar year for rent, food, utilities and addditional annual expenses, and
  • approximately AUD$3080 for establishment costs when setting up their accommodation, and
  • additional living expenses such as public transport, entertainment, telephone costs, textbooks, photocopying and clothing.

Students should refer to the Expenses guide to determine which costs they should consider.

Personal access to a computer and the Internet is recommended for all students and, in most programs, is required. While computers are available on campus, students are advised to bring a computer with them or to purchase or hire a computer in Australia. For students who wish to purchase a car, costs can vary from AUD$5000 to AUD$25,000 or more and running costs after purchase price are about AUD$90 per week. It is strongly recommended that students use public transport.

Allowances should also be made for recreation, for emergencies and for health expenses not covered by OSHC. Exchange rate variations may also affect budgeting. Students to refer to living costs page.

International students may also need to consider the payment of

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