Our counsellors can help you with the issues that are important to you. 


All currently enrolled UQ students are eligible for six free counselling sessions each year. If you are likely to need access to more sessions, your counsellor will discuss the options available and make a referral or introduction to any partner agency as early in the relationship as possible. Our counsellors will listen without judgement, offer new perspectives and work with you on strategies that are right for you. Whatever you say is strictly confidential. Partners, friends and family can be included in the counselling sessions if you and the counsellor agree that it would be helpful.


Student Counselling is a confidential service and anything that you say or do will be kept in the confidence. There are specific occasions under which counsellors are obligated by law to break this confidentiality such as when there is an immediate and specified risk of harm to an identifiable person. Counsellors will inform you of the limits of confidentiality at your initial counselling session.


Crisis appointments to see a counsellor can generally be organised in a 24 hour period, but it is important that you inform us at the point of booking that this is what you require. If you are unable to attend in person you can also make a time to speak to a counsellor by phone or through a digital platform.


If you feel unable to access face to face counselling, you are welcome to access our Online Counselling Service. This service is operational during Monday to Friday business hours and is not accessible at the weekend. 


Group Sessions including workshops and events run throughout the year. You can register for these by visiting our Workshops

what to expect

Counselling may help if you have been experiencing:
  • Thoughts of pulling out of University;
  • A sense that something is wrong;
  • Physical signs of emotional stress;
  • Sleep problems;
  • Concentration problems;
  • Feelings that are new or that worry you; or
  • Thoughts about harming yourself.
It is not about:
  • Performing miracles;
  • Providing quick fixes;
  • Telling you what to do;
  • Making moral judgements; or
  • Putting you in a scary or formal situation.
If you need further help from another organisation or community based agency, we can help link you in with the right support or service.


Crisis appointments can be arranged within 24 hours. Please notify the Student Concierge that this is what you need.

Appointments are subject to our Appointment Policy and Letter Request Policy. Please read our Privacy Information.

Common problems

Find basic information on these problems, self-help strategies and tips for recognising when it may be worth seeking additional help.


Counselling Programs

Art-Based Therapy

Release your emotions through art.

Expression through art can bring you closer to your inner experiences, and develop your self-understanding.

Mindfulness Yoga

Develop your mindfulness skills and adapt yoga practices in a supportive learning environment. 

This program is free and open to current UQ students.  

Freedom From Your Cage

Break free from the ideas, beliefs and behaviours that keep you stuck in your body image cage.

This program is free and open to current UQ students.