12 Feb - 16 Feb

Get set

During Orientation Week, you will familiarise yourself with the names, faces, services and facilities you will need to know for the rest of your time at UQ. 

Get involved, and have fun!

Important dates in Orientation Week

  • Monday, 12 February - Friday 16 February: Orientation Week
  • Wednesday, 14 February: Market Day, St. Lucia
  • Friday, 16 February: Due date for enrolling for international students

Some dates may vary, depending on your program. Check if your program has date variations.

  • Attend activities from your Orientation Week plan

    This is the time to learn what you need to know about your program, the services and resources that are available to enhance your studies, and tips to make the most of your time at your school.

    Don't forget to get involved in social events like Market Day (held in Week 1 for Semester 2) to make friends and develop your UQ network.

    Check your Orientation plan at the Orientation website

  • Learn the terminology at UQ

    As you start to find your feet at UQ, you'll need to learn the language of UQ to confidently navigate your new environment.

    The UQ Dictionary lists the most common terms that you will need to know during your studies at UQ.

    Check out the UQ Dictionary

  • Learn about the support available to you at UQ

    • Find out how Student Services can support you

      Student Services provide a range of free and confidential facilities to support UQ students with personal, welfare, learning and career issues.

      We run a range of workshops (no bookings required) each semester to provide you with generalised academic and accommodation advice, support for international students, techniques for time and stress management, and a wide range of other topics to help you make the most of your time at UQ.

      Some of the workshops we hold each semester are:

      • Accommodation Info Session
      • The Assignment Writing Process
      • Australian Culture
      • Being Your Own Best Mate
      • Expectations of Academic Writing
      • Getting Started
      • Goals: Create the Life You Want
      • Living on a Student Budget
      • Oral Presentation Skills
      • Peer Writing Support - Bring Your Draft
      • Practise Mindfulness
      • Reading and Writing Critically
      • Referencing Correctly and Avoiding Plagiarism
      • Start Exam Prep Now
      • Stress Management
      • Time and Study Management
      • Working on a Student Visa
      • Your Career Path

      We also run programs like Mates@UQ to help students meet new people; academic preparatory workshops; and body image and mindfulness yoga programs. 

      If you need personalised support, call the Student Concierge to book an appointment with an Advisor or Counsellor at Student Services.

      Visit the Student Services website

      Check out the Workshop Calendar

      Call the Concierge to book an appointment

    • Find out how Student Centre can support you

      Our Student Centres provide a one-stop shop for face-to-face student enquiries across a broad range of University administrative matters - including admissions and enrolment procedures, fee payments, scholarships, grievances and withdrawals. If further specialist advice is needed, students will be directed to an appropriate area.

      Before visiting the Student Centre, you can often find the answers to your questions on UQ Answers.

      Visit the Student Centre website

      Check out Frequently Asked Questions on UQ Answers

    • Know the difference between the Student Centre & Student Services

      The Student Centres provide assistance with the formal administrative aspects of your studies - basically, most procedures involving paperwork and records, money, or enrolment and exams.

      Student Services can help with almost everything else involved with your UQ student experience, including improving your well-being and developing skills and support structures to make the most of your time here.

      Student Centre

      • Academic transcripts
      • Admission procedures
      • Calculator approvals
      • Certified copies of documents
      • Enrolment (adding, dropping or changing courses; using mySi-net)
      • Fee payments
      • Grievances
      • Scholarships
      • Show cause
      • Timetables
      • Withdrawals

      Student Services

      • Accommodation advice
      • Assistance specific to first-years (e.g. advice on the transition to uni, careers/course changes)
      • Counselling
      • Disability services
      • Faith and spirituality
      • International student support
      • Learning advice
      • Mates@UQ
      • Student Leader Program

      In either case, any of the staff at Student Services and the Student Centre are happy to help you figure out what kind of support you need and refer you on to the right people.

      Visit the Student Centre website

      Visit the Student Services website

    • Find out how SHOC can support you

      UQ Union's Student Help On Campus (SHOC) offers free, independent, short-term support, including free legal, education, gender and sexuality, welfare, migration and employment services. 

      Because SHOC operates independently from the uni, they can advise on University Policy which staff cannot, and they do not share your personal information with the uni. SHOC also provide an alternate safe space for confidential support.

      SHOC services are available at all UQ campuses, and appointments with advocates can be made by either calling (07) 3346 3400 or emailing shoc@uqu.com.au.

      Staff on hand to help with student issues include:

      • Education & Postgraduate Advocate
      • Legal representatives
      • Welfare and Gender & Sexuality Advocate
      • Employment Service - finding part-time/casual work, reviewing resumes, and practicing job interviews.

      Visit the Student Help on Campus website

      Book an appointment online with SHOC

    • Find out how UQ Health Care can support you

      The UQ Health Care is an accredited, general practice providing comprehensive health services to our current students.

      We offer services including: 

      • General medicine  (e.g. medicals, check-ups, injury treatment)
      • Drug and alcohol related issues
      • Immunisation (e.g. travel and course requirements)
      • Mental health (e.g. anxiety and depression)
      • Referrals  (e.g. specialists and pathology)
      • Sexual health  (e.g. sexual health checks, contraception, pregnancy testing, pap smears and testicular checks)
      • Skin checks  (e.g. skin cancer screening)
      • Travel medicine  (e.g. vaccinations and medications)
      • Wellness support  (e.g. quitting smoking, losing weight, stress)

      Additional health and medical services are offered at the St Lucia campus.

      Visit the Health Care website

      Book an appointment at St Lucia online