Language Exchange Mates are matched into informal partnerships / small groups based on language preference that meet regularly throughout semester to learn, sustain or maintain a second language and another culture.

How does it work?

Language Exchange Mates has been designed to provide authentic speaking opportunities for UQ students/staff who are interested in learning, developing or sustaining non-native languages. Participants are matched in pairs or small groups to help one another to improve their target languages. It is expected that students meet for at least one hour per week and focus half their time on each language. Matches are dependant on the diversity of students signed up.

Why should I get involved?

English as a Second Language Students

  • Improve your English language skills, confidence and fluency.
  • Advanced English speakers can meet Australians to learn everyday Aussie terms, phrases and culture.
  • Opportunity to share your culture with others.
  • Build your social networks through friendly interaction with other students.
  • Meet and talk to other students fluent in your native language.

Native English Speaking Students

  • Improve your foreign language skills, confidence and fluency.
  • Learn some basic language and conversational skills if you are planning to go on exchange / travel or work overseas.
  • "Use it or lose it".
  • Gain valuable conversational experience if you are studying a language.
  • Increase your understanding of other cultures.
  • Build global contacts and future professional networks.
  • Apply a second language to your resume and compliment your current studies. e.g. 1; Business students have much to gain much by learning an Asian language as they are our major international trade partners in an ever expanding global market. e.g. 2; Education students can demonstrate strong teaching and learning experience while overcoming cultural and language barriers.

How does LEM work?

  • Participants can register between during Feb by filling in an online form.  
  • After this the Mates at UQ team will then try to find you a suitable match which will depend on the language you have nominated, your availability and how you answer the questions. It is important to note that some languages are more available than others and we cannot guarantee you will get a match.
  • Mates will then send you the details of your match and organise an event to meet your language exchange partner(s). 
  • Participants are then expected find a suitable time and location to meet for at least one hour per week until the end of semester.
  • Mates will periodically check in on your progress however it is up to you to continue to meet and get the most out of your partnership. You are responsible for communicating with your group and ensuring its success.

How do I register?

Language Exchange Mates for Semester 1 has now concluded. Registrations for Semester 2 will open in July.

Registrations are now closed

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