Computer Workstations with specialist software, hardware and peripherals are available for use by students whose disability prevents them from accessing other campus computers.


Your eligibility to use a computer facility will be assessed by a disability adviser, in consultation with you. 


The Disability Adviser is responsible for registering eligible users and notifying relevant staff members.  Registration is for a specific computer workstation appropriate to your need.

Computer Skills and Training Requirements

Eligible users are required to have skills in the use of the word processing, spreadsheet or graphics packages they will access on the allocated workstation. The Disability Adviser can arrange training in the use of the specialist disability software packages or peripherals. 


You can use UQ Book It to book any library rooms across the University.  You will need to book up to 7 days in advance. There is a maximum booking time of 3 hours and limit of 3 bookings per calendar week (Monday - Sunday). 


To check for cancellations, booking availability and opening hours: 

St Lucia Campus

Gatton Campus

Social Sciences & Humanities Library
Level 1
Duhig North Building
Bookings: (07) 3365 8256

Student Services
Level 1
Morrison Hall
Bookings: (07) 5460 1046

Please note:

The Coordinator, Alternative Print Service (APS) and Central Examinations have priority for booking the facilities at St Lucia.

Gatton Examinations section has priority for booking the Gatton computer facility.

Details of Computer Facilities

To request the technology and facilities available, you need to have an appointment with a Disability Advisor, who will assess your requirements and explain how you can access the rooms. 

Conditions of Use

Users agree to the following conditions:

  • Equipment usage is only for academic purposes
  • Your files must not be saved on the hard drive (unless using Voice Recognition software)
  • All discs will be scanned for viruses before commencing work
  • Users will not perform any action, such as reproduction, installation, or use of unlicensed software, or reproduction of the software provided on these facilities.  Such actions are in breach of the Copyright Act
  • Please ensure that you leave all equipment in its correct place
  • If you change the computer settings please ensure that you reinstate the default settings before logging off
  • Please ensure that you use the appropriate procedure to shut down all programs
  • Please ensure that you have collected all printed material before leaving the facility
  • The Library reserves the right to inspect bags taken into the Library by users when they leave
  • Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in the Computer Rooms