Equipment is available for use by students who have a disability to aid academic access.

Some items of equipment are located at specific venues on campus for use by eligible students. Other items are transportable and available for loan to individual students.


See a Disability Adviser to determine your eligibility for using a particular piece of equipment.


Once a Disability Adviser has confirmed your eligibility, s/he will register you for the use of that piece of equipment. You will be asked to read the condition of use and sign a loan form.

Equipment Loans

Duration of loans of equipment is determined by the Disability Advisers, in consultation with students, according to their needs, nature of the equipment, etc.

Loans are usually on a semester basis. Other loan periods such as for a specific number of hours per day or for a number of days or weeks can be arranged through the Disability Advisers.

Policy for Equipment Loans

Equipment is not provided for home usage.

Priority for loans is determined according to the following criteria:

  • Extent to which equipment is essential for academic access
  • Frequency of use of equipment by borrower
  • Student does not have equipment that fulfils the same function
  • Student has similar equipment but transport of the equipment to/from the University is not feasible

Access to Equipment

Access to all equipment requires arrangement through the Disability Adviser at your campus. Please contact your Adviser to discuss your equipment needs.

Location of Equipment On-Campus

  • Specialist Computer Facilities are located at St Lucia and Gatton for use by eligible students.
  • Smartview magnification equipment is available in the Fryer Library Special Needs Room 3 (St Lucia).
  • Lockers are available (St Lucia campus) for students who are unable to carry heavy materials around campus.
  • Audio-Induction Loops are located in some lecture theatres. Further information can be obtained from the Disability Advisers.

Equipment Available for Loan

  • AlphaSmart - for taking lecture notes
  • Braillenote - for taking lecture notes
  • Digital Recorders - for use with print material taped in digital format and/or for taping lectures
  • Digital Telephone - to provide telephone access to students with a hearing impairment
  • FM Hearing System - (portable sound-amplification system) for use in lectures or tutorials
  • Four-Track Cassette Recorders - for use with print material taped to four-track audio-cassette
  • Perkins Brailler - for hand production of braille
  • Talking Calculator  -for students with a vision impairment to use for calculation
  • Scooters - Ride-on electric scooters are available for use on campus by people with short-term mobility impairment, and/or when a privately owned mobility aid is being repaired. (Safety helmets are available.)