The Alternative Print Service (APS) aims to provide alternative format material that is of a comparable standard to that available to all students and provide it at the same time it is available to all students.

A Service for the Whole University

Existing legislation requires institutions to provide people with disabilities full and equal access to all relevant information needed by them. The University of Queensland fully supports this initiative and encourages staff who need to provide print material in alternative format to take advantage of this service by contacting Student Services.

Forms of Alternative Formatting


The APS produces print material in two-track audio-cassette format. A collection of texts, extracts and journal articles already produced on audio-cassette is also available for loan.


Arrangements can be made through the APS to have print material enlarged to an appropriate size.


The brailling of print material is done either by the APS or reproduced externally depending on the type and complexity of the material.


A limited amount of print material may be reproduced in tactile format.


Students with special computers may prefer to have material reproduced electronically.

Student Eligibility

Students must first consult a Disability Adviser to establish eligibility. Eligible students will then be referred to the APS Coordinator.


The process of producing material in any alternative format is complex and takes a considerable amount of time. There is also a heavy demand for the services provided by the APS. It is therefore essential that early planning and notification of needs occur so that material may be prepared in adequate time.

Process for Requesting Alternative Print Services

We recommend you start this process 12 weeks prior to the commencement of the semester.

  1. Make an appointment with a Disability Adviser to discuss your individual study needs.
  2. Your Disability Adviser will refer you to the Coordinator of the Alternative Print Services. (APS)
  3. Provide your required reading and course details to the Coordinator of the APS (Please note that the APS process will not be triggered until you initiate it with the APS coordinator).
  4. Collect your formatted material from Student Services.
Note: Students must notify their Disability Adviser immediately when they withdraw from any programs or courses.