Counselling Services holds workshops multiple times each semester.

If you cannot attend a workshop in person, you can download these presentations and review the tips and techniques at your own pace.

Being Your Own Best Mate

Silence your inner critic and restore your self-esteem.

This workshop will look at self-compassion as a way of living with, and loving, the you you are.

Goals: Create the Life You Want

Stay true to yourself, and find what success means to you.

This workshop looks at setting goals that are congruent with your value system and developing a workable plan to reach them.

Growing Your Assertiveness

Learn how to communicate directly and effectively.

Assertiveness involves an effective set of skills to ensure your needs are being understood in your interactions with others.

Looking After Your Brain

Increase your resilience and ability to manage stress.

Learn ways to notice if your brain is getting too tired and gain practical skills to take care of your brain to support your concentration and learning. 

Stress to Success

Explore techniques on how to cope with modern demands.

Keep your head above water by developing a repertoire of skills to maintain your ability to cope with your daily challenges.