In the last blog we looked the Big Bad Wolf that is within all of us – our inner critic. Have you heard your Big Bad Wolf recently? It will either be a loud critical voice that is mean and scary, or it might be a charming voice that gets you hooked and then puts your down.

The Big Bad Wolf is one part of us, and it has had a happy home within us and does not want to leave. Efforts to evict the Big Bad Wolf can have the opposite effect – it digs its paws in and refuses to leave, and sometimes it becomes even louder and more critical. Do you remember a time that this may have occurred? You tried to battle the negative thoughts and to be kind to yourself, and you felt ok for a moment and then even worse? So how can we keep the Big Bad Wolf from taking over our time and attention: - put it in the:

naughty corner

So the next time you hear the Big Bad Wolf and its awful mean voice, notice that it is there and push it to the corner. That will give you the chance to look around, see what it around you and what you want to focus on that will be helpful to you. The Big Bad Wolf will resist and try to leave the naughty corner, but with practice it will stay in the naughty corner and let you set goals and achieve them – including having a healthy and positive relationship with your body.

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