Welcome to the University of Queensland Online Counselling Service.

Using an email based counselling service may be a good place to start if you have some personal issues that have been creating problems in your life and you are not able to access the face-to-face counselling service.

Online counselling is not suitable for everyone though, as it doesn't provide an immediate response. Nor can it deal with serious critical issues such as suicidal intent. This form asks you to provide some personal details and also contains information that may help you to decide whether online counselling is the best option for you.

Online counselling terms and conditions

  1. I have read the privacy information provided on UQ's online counselling webpage.
  2. I am currently an enrolled UQ student.
  3. I am 18 years of age or older.
  4. The information recorded on the Registration Form is correct and all significant information has been included.
  5. The initial stages of email communication will help both parties to decide if this is an appropriate form of therapy. Either party may discontinue the counselling relationship at any time.
  6. Some problems are not suitable for online counselling, these include; suicidal ideation, sexual abuse, conditions where reality is distorted and violent relationships. This also includes any problem that is potentially a serious safety risk to yourself or others.
  7. I accept that UQ does not provide a 24-hour emergency service and that I should identify appropriate services in my local area which will be able to provide emergency assistance, should this be required.
  8. I am aware of and have considered a range of alternatives to online counselling, some of which include; face-to-face counselling, telephone counselling, consulting a medical practitioner, speaking with a friend or family member, exercising, or doing nothing.
  9. Online counselling is a relatively new way of delivering psychological services and its effectiveness is still being assessed. I understand and accept that no warranty as to the effectiveness of the counselling service provided by UQ is either expressed or implied.
  10. Student counsellors are registered in Queensland so are unable to provide psychological services to students in other Australian states or living overseas.
  11. Confidentiality and Records

    Confidentiality of client information is of utmost importance. Your information may only be released with your permission except where such information relates to suicidal or homicidal risks or risk of harm to self or others.

    Records are maintained of online counselling transactions and are kept secure. Please also be aware that email communications can be subpoenaed for court purposes in the same manner as counsellor's records.

    Please also ensure that you have adequate security measures on your computer to protect the privacy of your emails.
  12. Please be aware that counsellor's communications to you are also confidential and may not be released in any form except with the express consent of the counsellor.