Please note that this service is only available to currently enrolled students at UQ.

The internet has opened up a whole range of new ways of communicating with others which have led to both positive and negative experiences. Online counselling is a relatively new way of delivering counselling services to students, so it is important that you read this information carefully in order to decide if online counselling is suitable for you.

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Benefits of online counselling

  • You may have been considering talking to a student counsellor but feel unsure what to expect and would like to make your initial contact in a less direct manner.
  • It provides a broader access to counselling services to those who are unable to access the service on campus or who find it difficult to attend face-to-face sessions with a student counsellor.
  • You may find it convenient and be able to focus more fully on your response and messages at a time and place that suits you.
  • The emails provide a written record of your communication that you can read again at a later time.

Limitations of the service

This service is only available to currently enrolled students at UQ.

  • Online counselling is not a suitable medium to deal with crisis situations. If you require urgent attention please contact Student Services or the Student Health ServiceLifeline is available 24 hours a day on 13 11 14.
  • Communicating through this method is less direct and takes a longer time to conduct.
  • Miscommunication can happen in any medium so it is important to put your thoughts clearly and to seek clarification if you are not sure what is being communicated.

Availability of this service

After registering for this service you should be contacted by a student counsellor within 48 hours. The frequency of subsequent communication will depend on your current issues and negotiation with your counsellor.

Privacy issues and concerns

The internet is not a totally secure medium as it can be prone to privacy concerns. It is important that you check the email address carefully before sending your communication and that you have the appropriate security software on your computer. Records of your communication are kept in a secure format at Student Services and are confidential except in the following circumstances:

Student counsellors will endeavor to obtain your consent and agreement before releasing information, but may do so without consent to meet ethical and/or legislative requirements. The content on these web pages are subject to change without notice. No person may rely on any information contained in, or services provided via, these web pages.

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