Keep sleep in perspective

People who suffer from insomnia are normally frustrated or annoyed by it. Paradoxically, this emotional state contributes to keeping them awake. It helps to stop expecting a set amount of sleep every night.

Having less sleep than you'd like doesn't cause any harm. Allow yourself to fall short of the ideal without getting anxious about it.

Home remedies for short-term insomnia

Treatment for long-term insomnia

Long-term chronic insomnia may require professional support from a sleep disorder clinic. Insomnia that has persisted for years needs professional support and a lot of patience. It might take some time to re-establish normal sleeping patterns.

Some of the techniques used by a sleep disorder clinic might include:

  • A sleep diary, to help pinpoint the pattern of insomnia
  • A program of mild sleep deprivation to reset sleep rhythms
  • Medication to help set up a new sleeping routine
  • Exposure to bright light in the morning
  • Behavioural therapy.