Did you enjoy reading about the Big Bad Wolf?  We hope that you have been able to notice it and put it in the corner when it gets too loud.  Now let’s turn our attention to the supportive and helpful part of us that hear from every now and again, it is that little voice that tells us we are doing ok and trying our best.  There is really interesting information on this on the Reach Out website.  It is the part of us that asks us to be self compassionate and kind to ourselves, to treat ourselves as we would treat our best friend.  
This is especially important when we are having a difficult time, when things don't go the way that we plan for them to or when we don’t like something about ourselves according to Kristin Neff who is a self compassion researcher.  Self compassion has also been found to be more sustainable in the long term when compared to self-confidence – especially because we don’t need to be successful to be self compassionate!
Before we get into what self compassion is all about take a moment and consider what you think self compassion means to you and what would be different in your life if you could be more self compassionate. How would your relationship to your body be?  
Feel free to forward us your comments. And if thinking about self compassion makes you feel uncomfortable keep in mind that this is normal, especially for people who are used to giving compassion to others!
Quote. A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life. Christopher K Germer.

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