Last time we talked about ways in which we could start to set supportive goals that would allow us to begin a journey to building a better relationship with our body image and selves.  However, there are lots of things that can get in the way of us achieving these well thought out goals.  One of them is our own inner critic – AKA – The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf exists for most, if not all of us and hangs around waiting to pounce when the opportunity arises.  The Big Bad Wolf is a strong negative force in our life – just as discussed in this animation.

Who is your Big Bad Wolf? 

The Big Bad Wolf is a critic who lives within us and runs a regular and sometimes constant commentary on our behaviours, thoughts, feelings and motivations.  Sometimes the Big Bad Wolf is constantly talking and sometimes it is quiet – which is a relief!

Where did the Big Bad Wolf come from? 

Usually the Big Bad Wolf is born from our experiences and perceptions on those experiences.  Sometimes the Big Bad Wolf will hold onto memories about these events long after they are gone and no longer appropriate or relevant in our lives.

Why the Big Bad Wolf is such a menace? 

The Big Bad Wolf is a bit of a “frenemy” – you think the wolf is going to help you but what really happens is that the wolf makes you doubt yourself, forget all the great things you do, stops you really spending quality time with others and just sucks you dry.

Does the Big Bad Wolf impact on your body image relationship? 

The Big Bad Wolf is usually at its most bothersome when you are feeling vulnerable and often when we think about our image the voice of the Wolf can be really negative.  Think about your Big Bad Wolf voice – does it feed a strong body image or eat you up?

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