Time seems to speed up every year and we were surprised to see how long it had been since we posted a new blog. Unfortunately one of the difficulties in our working world is finding time for all the things we love and that is not necessarily a good thing. However, we must accept our human failings and be self-compassionate as we strive to make a positive change in our blogging behaviours. Thus, we have started afresh in preparation for the group sessions starting in August.
One of the trends we noted when we were doing some literature reviews in preparation for the group was the growing research covering the newest forms of social networking and body image. There have been numerous recent papers released which discuss the positive social support that comes from facebook and the ways in which it can be supportive for some with isolation. However, this is balanced by increasing evidence of body image negativity for many, including pregnant women, who regularly access and comment on images via facebook.  As most students now have been part of the social network for most of their adolescent and early adult years it made just think about how they felt about the influence it and other social media have on the way they see themselves physically.
So, our first question is which external media or networking sources feed your body image?
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TV
  • Magazines
  • Peers
  • Family
  • Music videos
  • YouTube
  • Clickbait
  • Campus styling (our term for the process of sitting in lectures or walking around and checking out the fashions and styles happening around UQ)
If you are up for the experiment – for one week become the scientist and objectively review which of these grab you and make you think about your body image.  You might even want to consider whether these things nourish or deplete you as you feed on them.