We hope that you enjoyed out first blog entry, and welcome to number 2. Remember to keep your feedback on the blog coming in.

In the last blog, we discussed setting growth and positive goals. How did you go with this? And what do you do with this next? If you want to create a kind and healthy relationship with yourself, how do you do the things that are supportive of this? Here’s a really important idea to consider:

While this video talks about goals for achieving practical tasks, there is no reason why you can’t apply the same process for goals about creating a healthy relationship with yourself. Perhaps your goal might be very small or more challenging. Here are some examples.

  • to everyday challenge one punishing that affects your body image
  • to reduce your inner critics loud voice during the day
  • being aware of the negative judgements about other people that jump into your mind
  • to support a healthy thought, such as I am ok the way that I am
  • to notice one thing that made you feel good today
  • taking an objective stance on a picture or media image that you see that impacts on your own body image
  • the list is limitless....

Start where you think you will succeed. And build from there. And one step is progress…

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