Body image sources

Time seems to speed up every year and we were surprised to see how long it had been since we posted a new blog. Unfortunately one of the difficulties in our working world is finding time for all the things we love and that is not necessarily a good thing. However, we must accept our human failings and be self-compassionate as we strive to make a positive change in our blogging behaviours. Thus, we have started afresh in preparation for the group sessions starting in August.

Have you considered self compassion?

Did you enjoy reading about the Big Bad Wolf?  We hope that you have been able to notice it and put it in the corner when it gets too loud.  Now let’s turn our attention to the supportive and helpful part of us that hear from every now and again, it is that little voice that tells us we are doing ok and trying our best.  There is really interesting information on this on the Reach Out website.

Sending the Big Bad Wolf to the corner – and keeping it there!

In the last blog we looked the Big Bad Wolf that is within all of us – our inner critic. Have you heard your Big Bad Wolf recently? It will either be a loud critical voice that is mean and scary, or it might be a charming voice that gets you hooked and then puts your down.