Did the Big Bad Wolf pay you a visit?

Last time we talked about ways in which we could start to set supportive goals that would allow us to begin a journey to building a better relationship with our body image and selves.  However, there are lots of things that can get in the way of us achieving these well thought out goals.  One of them is our own inner critic – AKA – The Big Bad Wolf

Achieving goals and developing a healthy relationship with yourself

We hope that you enjoyed out first blog entry, and welcome to number 2. Remember to keep your feedback on the blog coming in.

In the last blog, we discussed setting growth and positive goals. How did you go with this? And what do you do with this next? If you want to create a kind and healthy relationship with yourself, how do you do the things that are supportive of this? Here’s a really important idea to consider:

Our first blog!

Hello and welcome to Freedom From Your Cage!

This is blog number 1. We are introducing this blog as a way to keep you informed and involved in this great program.

It’s that time of year again.  Christmas has been and gone and a new year has kicked off at uni. New years are usually synonymous with New Year’s Resolutions.  How many of us make grand resolutions again and again, that we publicly announce, only to see them disappear after 2 weeks? Can you relate to this video?