Safety on campus is our priority. Each year, UQ hosts thousands of international and domestic students who may have never visited Brisbane before. It is important to take the time to understand your new surroundings so stay as safe on and off campus as possible.

Take a look at our Health and Safety workshop to find out about safety in Australiam security at UQ and how to access medical assistance.

On campus emergencies

If there is an emergency on campus, contact the Property and Facilities Division (336 53333). Emergencies include:

  • fire
  • emergency evacuations
  • medical emergencies
  • environmental (e.g. spill, explosion)
  • bomb, arson or life threats
  • critical incidents
  • hold up alarms
  • duress alarms
  • vehicle accidents
  • lift faults and callouts
  • power failures
  • first aid and emergency medical transport

On campus after hours

If you will be on campus after hours, UQ provides free services to keep the community safe:

If you will be working on campus after hours, read the OH&S guidelines for Working after hours or in isolation (Students) (PDF).


Brisbane offers very hot temperatures that can cause heat stroke, cancers and sunburn. The sun is at its hottest between 10am – 3pm, so get sunsmart! 

SLIP on a shirt
SLOP on sunscreen (SPF 30-50+)
SLAP on a hat
SLIDE on sunglasses
SLURP on water!

Visit the Cancer Council Queensland website to learn more tips on how to be sunsmart. 

Water safety

Queenslanders enjoy swimming. If you are at the beach, always swim between the flags and observe any warning signs. Ensure you never swim alone or at night and never dive into the surf.

Remember what the flags below mean when you're at the beach:

Surf Lifesaving Flags
(Image via Sunshine Coast Daily)

Read Royal Life Saving's tips on ensuring you are pool and swim safe.

Extreme weather

Brisbane brings an array of temperatures including heat, humidity, and storms and flooding. Be prepared for any weather changes. Visit RACQ's Get Ready Queensland website for emergency plans and how to stay safe no matter the season.

Be prepared for storm season and check the Bureau of Meteorology forecast, and register with Brisbane City Council to get weather updates on your mobile.