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UQ Rentals is the primary source of student-focused rental accommodation. If you are seeking a single room or a whole house, UQ Rentals is the place to look.


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Colleges at UQ

Check out Live UQ for details about the on-campus living experience.

Accommodation Workshop

Before you move in, find out about renting, your rights and responsibilities.

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Resources for Renters in Brisbane

Guide to Renting

Follow our tips to find a home in Brisbane that's right for you.

Suburb Guide

Learn how to get the best out of your suburb. 


Check out our answers to some common questions about the renting process.


Living and Life Skills

Best in Brisbane

If you'd like to explore Brisbane on a student budget, check out our list of free things to do in Brisbane, along with some activities when you've got a little extra to spend.

Budgeting in Australia

If you are studying for the first time in Australia, we have created a list of what you can expect to pay for some basic necessities and recreational activities in Australia.

Safety in Brisbane

Safety is everybody’s business. Find out how you can stay safe at UQ, off campus and during your travels across Australia. 

Becoming a better housemate

Our videos in the Living in a Share House series offer advice and tips on how to keep things running smoothly when sharing accommodation.