Become a participation assistant

What is a Participation Assistant?

Participation Assistants are casual staff employed by the University of Queensland to carry out tasks required by a student with a disability. Assistance can include Library work, Laboratory/Field Work, Mobility Assistance and/or Typing/Writing Assistance.

What is Involved?

A Participation Assistant may be engaged to assist a student with a disability to perform a variety of academic (or related) tasks. The nature of these tasks will depend largely on the nature of the student's disability but may include:

  • Library
    • Identifying required information: through the use of computer catalogues, microfiche, CD-ROM and reference collections
    • Locating, borrowing and photocopying Material.
    • Reading material such as abstracts, indices and content pages for students with a vision impairment
  • Laboratory/Field Work
    • Assisting with performing experimental work that requires fine motor skills
    • Taking notes during field work or site visits
    • Reading OHTs or handouts to students during tutorials or laboratory sessions
    • Explaining to students with a vision impairment the progress of experimental work
  • Mobility Assistance
    • Assisting students in carrying books and equipment to and from lectures, tutorials, laboratories and the library.
    • Carrying books, assignments etc to and from the student's vehicle.
  • Typing/Writing Assistance
    • Transcribing and typing assignments from audiotape or collected data.
    • Proofreading of typed or handwritten assignment


All Participation Assistants are employed at HEW Level 1, increment 1, under a Casual Staff Employment Contract and are paid on an hourly basis for work done. Participation Assistants using specialist skills may be entitled to a different rate of pay – this will be discussed before you start working and should not be assumed. The terms and conditions of employment are in accord with the applicable Awards and Enterprise Agreements.


If you are interested in becoming a Participation Assistant for future semesters, please login to the Disability Management System (DMS). If your assistance is required, Student Services will contact you with further information.

* For general enquiries relating to Participation Assistance, please contact the Disability Administrative Officer at