What are programs and courses?

Each program (degree) is made up of multiple courses (subjects). Each course is worth a certain number of units.

For example, the Bachelor of Engineering is a program (degree) and ENGG1100: Engineering Design is one course within that program. It is worth two units. Full time students generally complete four courses each semester.

How do I know which courses to choose?

Some programs have a set list of courses that you must follow in order (for example, the Bachelor of Physiotherapy), while others are more flexible and allow you to choose courses you are interested in, based on certain rules (for example the Bachelor of Arts).

The information about the courses you need to complete is provided in the Rules and Requirements and the approved Course List of your program. You can access these at Step 1 of the enrolment process or by viewing your program in the programs and courses website.

When choosing courses you may be able to choose a Major or Minor area of specialisation within your program (for example, you can major in History within the Bachelor of Arts). For more information see your program's Course List.

Each course is worth a certain number of units. Most courses are worth two units. You need to complete a specified number of units to get your degree.

All programs of the same length require the same number of units (#) to be completed. For example, a 3-year program requires you to complete 48 units (#48), a 4-year program requires you to complete 64 units (#64).

You can study on a full-time or part-time basis – this is referred to as your study load.

The standard full-time study load at UQ is 8 units (#8) of study per semester. Most courses are worth 2 units (#2) each, which means a full-time study load is generally 4 courses per semester.

However, you are considered a full-time student if you enrol in at least 6 units (#6) per semester.

Part-time students study less than 6 units (#6) per semester.

It is important to be aware if you are trying to improve your entry score for upgrading purposes, one full-time year of study means a minimum of 16 units (8 courses) of study at UQ.

Please note: if you are an international student, your student visa requires you to study full-time every semester.

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