All undergraduate domestic students who are offered a place in a UQ program via QTAC are Commonwealth supported students (ie the Australian government funds part of your tuition costs and you pay the remainder which is called your 'student contribution').

Read through the information explaining your obligations and fill out your electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) via mySI-net.

Select your payment option.

Commonwealth supported Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders resident in Australia can apply for a HECS-HELP loan (the Australian government's Higher Education Loan Program) to pay their student contributions. The loan does not have to be repaid until your income reaches a level set by the government.

If eligible for a HECS-HELP loan, you can:

  1. Pay your student contribution up-front; or
  2. Pay part of your student contribution up-front and obtain a HECS-HELP loan for the rest; or
  3. Pay nothing now and obtain a HECS-HELP loan for the full student contribution amount.

You must enter your Tax File Number (TFN) to obtain a HECS-HELP loan. (Even if you select the up-front payment option it is recommended you provide your TFN as a safety net in case you are unable to pay your student contribution amount up-front). If you do not provide your TFN by the census date, and have not paid your student contribution up-front, your enrolment will be cancelled and you will lose your Commonwealth supported place for the semester.

You will also have to pay a Student Services and Amenities fee (SSAF) to cover non-academic student services such as sporting and recreation activites, employment and career advice, child care, financial advice and food services. After submitting your HECS-HELP eCAF, you can also submit a SA-HELP eCAF to obtain a SA-HELP loan. There are no discounts for up front payment of the SSAF.

If you are not eligible for a HECS-HELP or SA-HELP loan you must pay your student contribution and student services and amenities fee up-front and will not receive a discount. You do not need to supply a TFN.

If you pay up-front, from late January, you can view your invoice on mySI-net the day after you add your courses. You need to pay your student contribution amount and the SSAF by the 'due date for payment of fees and charges' specified in the important dates.

Don’t have a Tax File Number (TFN)?

To apply for a TFN, go to the Australian Taxation Office website.

What is the Census Date?

Census date is the deadline for finalising your enrolment. If you withdraw from a course after the census date you will still be required to pay for that course.

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