How do I plan my course timetable?

To find out when your classes are offered:

  • Go to mySI-net and log on;
  • Click on the 'courses' tab;
  • Click on the 'Course & Timetable Info' link; and
  • Enter the course code or use the Course Search to find out when classes are offered for your courses.

Pro tip: Use the UQ Timetable Planner to help plan your semester

Need help understanding timetable terms?

See the following timetable example. Below you will find a legend that explains what the abbreviations and codes mean.

The symbols are used as a way of explaining variations in the way courses are taught and the kind of class contact. The first symbol denotes the kind of class contact, as outlined below


General Contact, perhaps a group learning situation






IT (Computing) session, usually in a computer training room or studio.


Lecture, a presentation to a class, often in an auditorium or theatre, of core course matter.


Practical, consisting of laboratory or project work


Seminar, a presentation similar to a lecture, perhaps made by students, and possibly with opportunities for discussion and interaction.


Tutorial, a small class environment characterised by discussion and peer interaction, often supplementary to lectures.


Workshop, practical work with a creative emphasis.


Peer Assisted Study Sessions class (PASS)


Clinical Based Learning (CBL)




Problem Based Learning (PBL)


Clinical Coaching

All or choice. If the letter is listed more than once without any number attached to it, attend all classes for that letter. Note in the example timetable above, you must attend both Contacts.

A number attached to a letter means you have a choice. For example, in optional tutorials in the example above, you attend one of the tutorials listed.

Lectures, tutorials or practical classes are sometimes streamed into groups, but require attendance at more than one session each week. You choose from stream 1 or 2 and attend all classes scheduled in that stream. In the example above for Group P1 you attend Mon 2pm - 3.50pm and Wed 2pm - 3.50pm, OR you choose to attend  Group P2 on Tue 12pm - 1.50pm and Thur 12pm - 1.50pm. The same material is taught in each of the groups.

You should note that some groups where you are allowed free choice are more popular than others and classrooms may be crowded at capacity in the first couple of weeks of semester until the deadline for changes of enrolment. Consider opting for the afternoon, evening or Friday groups, where available, to improve your chances of a comfortable learning environment. 


View and print your personalised timetable

Once you have completed your class sign-on you can view and print your personalised timetable via the Timetable tab on your mySI-net Student Home page.

There are two ways you can view your personalised timetable:

  1. List View which lists all classes in chronological order, or
  2. Weekly View which presents them as a Monday to Sunday timetable.

Check mySI-net regularly for room changes, particularly during the first two weeks of semester, as room allocations may change.

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