Course profile

Course profiles contain all the information you need to know about a course including the aims and objectives and associated learning and assessment activities.

They are available online approximately four weeks before classes begin. You can find them by searching for your course on the courses and programs website. Once you have enrolled in a course you will also have access to the full course profile in mySI-net (your enrolment portal).

The course profile is divided into several sections:

  • Section 1: Course description, teaching staff (lecturers, tutors) and their contact details
  • Section 2: Course aims and learning objectives
  • Section 3: Required and recommended resources (texts, materials or useful websites)
  • Section 4: Learning activities (lectures, tutorials, practicals, field trips)
  • Section 5: Assessment items and due dates
  • Section 6: University policies and course guidelines

The online version of the course profile (called the Electronic Course Profile) remains the authoritative version.

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