If you are starting your program in Semester 1, choose courses for the entire year. If you are starting in Semester 2 or Summer semester, only choose courses for that particular semester.

At Step 1 of the enrolment process, you will have:

  1. Read through your program planner
  2. Read through your program's course list; and
  3. Read through your program's Rules and Requirements.

To choose your courses you will need to: 

  1. Understand what programs and courses are. Not sure? Read the introduction to programs and courses.
  2. Read through the courses explained section to understand what a course is and how you need to select them;
  3. Identify the courses you need to take (compulsory), and those you want to take (elective) - if your program is flexible (like the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) please take advantage of the academic advising sessions that will be held in January and February, more details are at the orientation planner
  4. Record your course choices on your checklist;
  5. Enrol in your courses.

Credit for previous study

You may be able to get credit for study you have completed previously. Learn how to apply for credit.

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