Which courses do I need to complete?

Staff development courses are classified into four categories:

Mandatory: courses that have a clear legislative requirement or external source of authority
Required: courses that are required under a UQ policy or directive
Recommended: courses that are recommended for staff who undertake a particular role or function
Self-development: courses that are discretionary and focus on skill development or career enhancement

Mandatory, required and recommended courses and the applicable roles or functions are listed in this spreadsheet.

It is the responsibility of staff and their supervisors to ensure that they are aware of and undertake the appropriate courses for their role and/or function.

Additional training which is not part of the staff development program for e.g. mandatory online & face to face training as part of the New staff initial online induction can be found on the websiteOccupational Health and Safety mandatory training can be found on the Occupational Health and Safety website.   

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