Without the generous involvement of the UQ staff who coordinate and present our courses, the Staff Development Program would not be possible. The University Staff Development Committee acknowledges our volunteer presenters and coordinators for the time and expertise they contribute to the development of their colleagues and to the performance of the University.

This information aims to assist you in your role as a presenter or coordinator.

The Course Coordinator Factsheet provides basic instructions for University Staff Development Program (USDP) Course Coordinators and outlines their basic roles and responsibilities. A reminder email with further information will be emailed from Aurion to coordinators approx three weeks prior to course commencement.  An additional reminder email will be sent to course coordinators approximately one week prior to course commencement.

The Training Reports Factsheet gives and overview of where the data for the reports comes from, how to apply for access and what reports are available to University Staff Development Program (USDP) course coordinators and their nominated person.  It provides instructions on how to produce enrolment lists, participant check lists and waitlists etc.

All new course proposals for the University Staff Development Program require approval from the University Staff Development Committee (USDC). This requires consideration of the content, timing and objectives of the course. Anybody wishing to propose a new course should complete the relevant new course submission form for face to face or online courses. The USDC considers submissions in line with the budget allocation process for the following year. Please check the submission due date by phoning the Staff Development Officer on extension #52666 as this date may change from year to year.

Course coordinators and presenters are responsible for design of their own course content and materials. Please contact the Organisational Development Unit if you require advice or assistance. ITS can provide support on the process of publishing new online courses.

For existing course re-submissions: course coordinators are asked to email budget requirements and their request for changes to course objectives, course titles, number of iterations etc to staff development staffdev@uq.edu.au by the submissions due by date for inclusion in the following years USDC program.  These details will be emailed to all USDC course coordinators each year.

All course submission information received by the due date is collated by the Staff Development Officer who compiles a proposed program and budget for the University Staff Development Committee's (USDC) consideration and approval.

Once approved by the USDC and the first course iteration has concluded the course details are not able to be changed until the next annual proposal is submitted to the USDC.


    The Annual Program Planning Factsheet outlines the annual process for planning of the USDC program for the following year.  Course coordinators will be sent information and instructions regarding the annual process in July each year.  

Click here to access the current and previous Staff Development Programs and the University Staff Development Committee (USDC) Annual reports.

Current Staff Development Policy can be located here.

USDP University Staff Development Program new course submission acceptance and approval process.  

The Presenters/Facilitator Factsheet provides basic instructions for University Staff Development Program (USDP) presenters/facilitators and outlines their basic roles and responsibilities.  A reminder email with further information will be emailed from Aurion to presenters approx two weeks prior to course commencement.

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