Without the generous involvement of the UQ staff who coordinate and present our courses, the Staff Development Program would not be possible. The University Staff Development Committee acknowledges our volunteer presenters and coordinators for the time and expertise they contribute to the development of their colleagues and to the performance of the University.

This information aims to assist you in your role as a presenter or coordinator.

Course coordinator instructions and information


Course coordinators play an integral role in the designing, planning and delivery of the Staff Development Program.

General areas of responsibility for Course Coordinators are:

Reviewing enrolment and waitlists prior to course offering through HR Portal Training Reports. Please see basic instructions and information for the HR Portal Training Reports.

If the course is undersubscribed the coordinator may wish to advertise in UQ Update or send a targeted email advertising their course to a UQ group of staff who would be interested in their course.

Handouts - in the interest of reducing UQ’s carbon footprint it is suggested that Course Coordinators email course materials to their participants. If handouts are required and you need assistance with photocopying please email staffdev@uq.edu.au at least 5 working days prior to course commencement to ask if we are able to assist. Please be aware Staff Development can only produce standard photocopying, if you require more complex printing like binding etc. you will need to organise printing by a professional printer.

It is advisable prior to course commencement that facilitators check the equipment to be used in the venue for their upcoming course.

Courses held in Learning & Innovation Building #17, room 202 (LIB 202)/International House Seminar room (during exam periods until 2020). Staff Development will provide participant check lists, nametags and evaluation forms and standard tea/coffee & biscuits. If you cannot locate the list on the day please ask attendees to write their name and org unit on a piece of paper together with the course details and return the list to staffdev@uq.edu.au .

Courses held at all other venues other than LIB 202/International House (during exam periods until 2020) we ask coordinators to print their participant check list from HR Portal Training Reports. Staff Development will email the evaluation forms to coordinators at the start of each year if you haven’t received them please let Staff Development know as soon as possible.

Upon conclusion of the course please return the completed participant check list together with any completed evaluation forms to Staff Development staffdev@uq.edu.au . Please ensure you return the completed participant check lists as soon as possible to allow Staff Development to mark participants as complete against their Training Record on My Aurion.

July/August Staff Development will email Course Coordinators asking them to submit course proposals including budget requirements for the following years program for each course they coordinate. 

Reminder emails are sent from Staff Development to course coordinators (and their nominated person if applicable) as well as presenters listed on Aurion approximately 2-3 weeks prior to their course commencement date. Course Coordinators (and their nominated person if applicable) will further receive a 1 week reminder email prior to course commencement.

Please notify staffdev@uq.edu.au of any changes to course details, a change of coordinator, presenter/s etc. as soon as possible.

Your support in passing on your knowledge and time to participants is appreciated. Any questions please contact Staff Development on staffdev@uq.edu.au.

The HR Portal Training Reports (replaces Training Reports on Citrix) gives approved University Staff Development Course Coordinators and one nominated person automatic access to their University Staff Development course reports.  Reports include but are not limited to participant check lists, enrolee lists, waitlists, attendee lists.

Please see basic instructions for downloading and exporting reports.  

For further information, access and instructions please email the Staff Development  - staffdev@uq.edu.au.

All new course proposals for the University Staff Development Program require approval from the University Staff Development Committee (USDC). This requires consideration of the content, timing and objectives of the course. Anybody wishing to propose a new course should complete the relevant new course submission form for face to face or online courses. The USDC considers submissions in line with the budget allocation process for the following year. Please check the submission due date by phoning the Staff Development Officer on extension #52666 as this date may change from year to year.

Course Coordinators and presenters are responsible for design of their own course content and materials. Please contact the Organisational Development Unit if you require advice or assistance. ITS can provide support on the process of publishing new online courses.

For existing course re-submissions: Course Coordinators are asked to email budget requirements and their request for changes to course objectives, course titles, number of iterations etc to staff development staffdev@uq.edu.au by the submissions due by date for inclusion in the following years USDC program.  These details will be emailed to all USDC course coordinators each year.

All course submission information received by the due date is collated by the Staff Development Officer who compiles a proposed program and budget for the University Staff Development Committee's (USDC) consideration and approval.

Once approved by the USDC and the first course iteration has concluded the course details are not able to be changed until the next annual proposal is submitted to the USDC.


Click here to access the current and previous Staff Development Programs and the University Staff Development Committee (USDC) Annual reports.

    USDC Annual Program Planning information

    Below is an outline of the annual process and planning for the  University Staff Development Committee (USDC) program for the following year:


    An email will be sent from Staff Development to all current Course Coordinators asking them to review their course offerings for the following year’s program.  The email will give detailed instructions on how to complete submissions for existing and new course submissions for the following year’s program.  The deadline for course submissions will be dependent upon the University Staff Development Committees meeting dates. Normally the submissions are due before the end of August each year however this may change if the Committee meets earlier or later in the year.



    August/September Staff Development will collate and compile course submissions and draft a budget from the submissions received for the USDC Committee meeting in October/November. 



    The USDC will review each course submission for the entire program for the following year and will determine which course submissions and budgets will be approved.



    Staff development will create course coding, templates, individual course iterations etc. on Aurion for USDC approved courses.  Courses will upload to the staff development website http://www.uq.edu.au/staffdevelopment/ on January 1 each year.  Please be aware that only the current year’s approved and scheduled USDC courses will upload to the staff development website.


    The Staff Development Annual Program will upload from Aurion to the staff development website and staff will be able to register for a course in the current year’s program on-line and through My Aurion.


    Any questions - please contact Staff Development ph: #52666 or email staffdev@uq.edu.au

Current Staff Development Policy can be located here.


Presenter/Facilitator information


Presenters/Facilitators are an invaluable part of the University Staff Development Program (USDP) by providing a worthwhile learning experience to UQ Staff.


General areas of responsibility of the presenters include:

Ensuring quality design and delivery of course content in alignment with the core values of UQ.

·        Arriving promptly and avoiding course cancellations or changes where possible.

·        Leaving the venue as it was found including cleaning of electronic whiteboards, returning equipment, tables and chairs to their original positions and disposing of rubbish.

·        Providing requests for support at least 5 working days prior to course commencement.

·        Ensuring attendees sign the participant check list or write their name and organisational unit on the list if they are late enrolling.  If a participant list is not available please ask your participants to write their name and organisational unit onto a blank piece of paper and return the written list with the course details to staffdev@uq.edu.au .

·        Returning completed participant lists together with any completed evaluation forms to staffdev@uq.edu.au as soon as possible upon course conclusion.

·        We ask presenters to read their 2-3 week email reminders sent from Aurion and ensure they have enough enrolees and are ready to run their course.

          Please advise Staff Development staffdev@uq.edu.au of any changes or need for postponing a course as soon as possible.

We appreciate the time and effort our presenters put into facilitating these courses.




Please email staffdev@uq.edu.au for any enquiries or call extension #52666.


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