Answers to many common queries are noted below. If your query remains unanswered please contact the Staff Development Team.

Staff Development courses are available for all UQ staff members.  In some cases, staff of affiliated organisations may also be able to attend courses.  For further information contact the Staff Development Team.

You can request registration in any course or activity in several ways:

Please note: supervisor approval required for all of the above.

You might want to consider online or external courses which can target a broader range of areas. For some providers see the Other development activities page. Courses are just one option for developing your knowledge and skills.  You could also consider work projects, mentoring, professional networks, secondments or other formal training outside of the Staff Development Program.  For more information view Planning your Development and discuss your options with your supervisor or local HR contact, or contact the Organisational Development Team for further assistance.

We are happy to support all staff to enable them to attend Staff Development Courses.  If you have particular needs, please note this in the Comments section of the registration page or contact the Staff Development Team.

Please refer to the University map for Staff Development venue locations.  The UQnav App is a free tool which can be downloaded to your smart phone to help you find locations on UQ campuses.  Please refer to the UQ where to park - maps for parking information.

Staff Development courses are often over-subscribed, and non-attendance disadvantages those who are waiting for a place.  If you are unable to attend a course you are enrolled in, please withdraw to enable your place to be offered to another staff member.  To withdraw please contact Staff Development as early as possible, via email email or phone on 336 52666, 336 53019 or 336 53238.

Current Staff Development Policy can be located here.

As well as seeking participants' feedback at the end of each course the University Staff Development Committee (USDC) may seek feedback from supervisors to gauge the benefit of staff development courses and ways participants have been able to apply their learning in the workplace.

You can view your past and future training by logging into MyAurion and selecting the Talent Tab - Training & Courses and scrolling down to Training History. 

USDP University Staff Development Program new course submission acceptance and approval process.

All new course requests require approval.  If you have a proposal for a new course, please contact the Staff Development Team to discuss.  A new course submission form will need to be completed for each new course proposal. For full information please see Presenter & Coordinator information.

Course coordinators and presenters are responsible for design of their own course content and materials. Please contact the Organisational Development Unit if you require advice or assistance. eLearning Support can provide support on the process of publishing new online courses.

When you are waitlisted onto a staff development course Aurion isn’t intuitive enough to automatically enrol you onto the next course iteration.  If you are waitlisted for a course and would like to enrol for an alternate date in case your preferred date does not become available, please enrol as usual through the Staff Development website.  If no future iterations of the course are listed as being offered please contact the course coordinator listed on the course website for further information.  

When you attend a University Staff Development (USDC ) course please ensure you sign the participant check list upon arrival.  Without your signature against your name on the list Staff Development will not know you attended the course and you will be marked as did not attend (DNA).

Staff Development will enter course completions onto Aurion from the participant check list approx 4 weeks after the course concludes. The waiting period allows for all evaluation forms to be returned and entered as part of the course completion process.

On January 1, each year the new calendar for staff development training will be available for staff to enrol into courses.

If the First Aid course you would like to enrol onto is fully booked or you need to attend a course on an alternate date you may wish to seek a registered external First Aid Training provider.  For your information herewith some external providers.  

Qld Ambulance First Aid Training 

St John Ambulance

UQ Sport

Additional listings of First Aid Trainers can be obtained by entering the words first aid training Queensland into your internet search engine.




UQ Drupal Fundamentals course is only available online. The course is mandatory for staff who are required to update webpages developed in Drupal.

Visit the Web Publishing website for more information on UQ Drupal.

The UQWCMS (UQ Website Content Management System) course is only available online.

Web Services will no longer run the face-to-face UQWCMS training courses. The UQWCMS training course has been replaced with online self-directed training.

The online training course is mandatory for staff who are required to update webpages in the UQWCMS. Registration for the online training course will require you to complete and submit the Online Training Registration form to the Office of Marketing & Communications.

Which courses do I need to complete?

Staff development courses are classified into four categories:

Mandatory: courses that have a clear legislative requirement or external source of authority
Required: courses that are required under a UQ policy or directive
Recommended: courses that are recommended for staff who undertake a particular role or function
Self-development: courses that are discretionary and focus on skill development or career enhancement

Mandatory, required and recommended courses and the applicable roles or functions are listed on a spreadsheet on the staff development website under Required courses .

It is the responsibility of staff and their supervisors to ensure that they are aware of and undertake the appropriate courses for their role and/or function.

Additional training which is not part of the staff development program for e.g. mandatory online & face to face training as part of the New staff initial online induction can be found on the Staff Induction website. Occupational Health and Safety mandatory training can be found on the Occupational Health and Safety website.  

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