Spatial Ecology Lab
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The Spatial Ecology Lab is a group of about 30 people comprised of students, postdocs and visitors, headed by Professor Hugh Possingham.

We use empirical data, theory, statistical and mathematical models to solve ecological problems across terrestrial, marine and aquatic environments. General areas of interest include We are part of the University of Queensland node for both CEED (the ARC Centre of Environmental Decisions), and NERP Hub (the NERP Environmental Decisions Hub). We also have several ARC grants at any one time and funding from a wide variety of pure and applied sources.

We mainly live in the Goddard Building at the St Lucia campus of the University of Queensland, and are part of The Ecology Centre, situated in the School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science. We also have close associations with other UQ Conservation Ecology groups and academics including: Each year we publish about 35 peer reviewed papers in the international literature. Our interests are very broad and we welcome visitors, especially for our weekly lab chat.